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… More and more pet owners we like to enjoy our leisure time with them. Going on vacation, go for coffee or a drink, enjoy a meal or a nice dinner out … without giving up the company of our faithful and educated friends.

We own responsibility not let cluttering our friends have their vaccinations and hygiene is good. Why did they have to stay home and not share our leisure time?

Therefore, this website was created with the purpose of sharing information on public premises in which we and our furry companions are welcome, be a sort of Leisure “Mascotero” Guide.

  • Have a business or public place where pets are welcome?
  • Do you have a shop or a hairdresser pets?
  • Are you a veterinarian or veterinary assistant?
  • An accommodation that allows pets?
  • Do you manufacture pet supplements?
  • Would you like to appear on our interactive map?
  • A society of animal rights?

Register in our form and be part of our guide.

If you want to contact us, here is our e-mail: wellcomepets@gmail.com

Thanks for your help.

For a more tolerant world.

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