The most petfriendly place

The most petfriendly place

The illusion, effort and perseverance of Elsa Martin Olsen has made possible the opening, on Friday June 17 in the city of Brunete, Madrid’s most petfriendly plance of Spain.

A cottage to share with our best friends, a pool made for pets and a fenced property of 9000 square meter , so our pets  can play happy and safe.

YES, all in Spain !!!

It is almost unbelievable, isn´t it ?.

Well, it is a reality. With such a huge soul and her love for nature and living things, Elsa, a human being who has chosen to live her dream and not wait for it to arrive. A free and admirable spirit that has built her own destiny with energy and determination.

She is the soul, the heart and breath  of  Perruno Campus, a real gem for all that we like to enjoy every moment with our pets. We are going to spend a few days as soon as possible.

Of course we have included in our App Campus Perruno If we’ve even  had to create a special type of location:. Canine Club
Come and see the most  petfriendly place in  Spain and enjoy with your four-legged friends in a place without comparison.
Thank you, Elsa, we admire you!!!!!

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